Global Recycled Standard(GRS)

What is Global Recycled Standard(GRS)?

The Global Recycle Standard is an international, voluntary and product standard and according to this, a third- 
party is certified for recycled material, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical usage limitation. These are the standards set to protect the environment from the harm of capitalism and    industrialization.

The goal of the GRS is to increase use of recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.

For who is the Global Recycle Standard?

The Global Recycle Standard is for companies and industries of the textile industry, agricultural sector, tanning industry and other production sectors.  Is intended to meet the needs of companies looking to verify the recycled content of their products and to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production process.

Objective of the Global Recycled Standard(GRS):

  1.     alignment of definitions across multiple applications;
  2.     track and trace recycled input materials;
  3.     provide customers (brands and consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions;
  4.     reduce harmful impact of production to people and the environment;
  5.     provide assurance that materials in the final product are actually recycled and sustainably processed;
  6.     drive innovation in addressing quality issues in the use of recycled materials.

The GRS is intended for use with any product that contains at least 20% recycled material.  Each stage of production is required to be certified, beginning at the recycling stage and ending at the last seller in the final business-to-business transaction.  Material collection and material concentration sites are subject to self-declaration, document collection and on-site visits.

The benefits of getting Global Recycled Standard(GRS)?

  • These standards help companies to verify the recycled materials which they are intended to use for the production of their products, and they also verify the social, environmental and chemical practices which are usually adopted by companies. GRS is a standard which makes sure that no social exploitation is being done in the labour, no child labour is being practised, and providing all the information about the products being used.
  • In terms of environment, it protects it from degradation by ensuring the use of recycled materials. While chemical limitation is there to make sure no harmful chemical is being used which can deteriorate the environment and the health of the user.
  • In terms of companies, it can help a company to flourish well without harming the environment and the population.
  • The Global Recycled Standard(GRS) requires a company to comply with its conditions and standards to get a certificate that guarantees the company is the best one in terms of environment, social and chemical practices.

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